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Without any single doubt, childhood is the best part of everyone’s life regardless of how much we do efforts we can’t bring it back but we can easily refresh the memories of our childhood. And today we are going to introduce one of the best things which actually helps you to remember the best memories of your childhood.

There are certain parts of our lives but among them playing video games on gaming consoles has immense importance. What if you can still play such games like Super Mario, Contra, Street Fighter, and King of fighters, Dragon Ball Z, contra, and much more on your Android devices? You might be wonder how this is possible! Then I must add on this is 100% possible and big thanks to the happy chick for Android. Are you curious like me? I must recommend you to go through the whole post and find out how Happy Chick Emulators works on your Android Smartphone in order to refresh your memories.

The ultimate benefit of downloading & installing Happy Chick Emulator is that no need to install any separate gaming emulator to enjoy the fullest potential of the game.

Happy chick for Android is highly capable to support 18 different systems like

That’s why no need to install things separately. You can get all these in one standalone system. So, what are you waiting for? Download & Install Happy Chick for Android Latest version from the link provided below.

Features of Happy Chick for Android

Happy Chick TV Box

Second most prime edge of the happy chick for Android that it comes with the support of PSP & arcade online multiplayer games. Which means you can play your favorite game online and also via LAN with a local server. So, share your best gaming moments with your friends and family members.

Happy Chick for Android officially comes up with the collection of more than 5000 classic games including Pokémon, Street Fighter, Contra, Snow Bros, and Super Mario. So, enjoy your childhood memories with Happy Chick Emulator.

The Happy Chick Emulator supports cloud storage which allows the users to store the games in a progressive manner at cloud storage.

Happy Chick for Android also allows the user to synchronize the store with multiple Android devices. That’s mean you don’t have to start every time from scratch.

The files we are providing you to download are 100% bugs free and free from crashing in the middle of games. With the help of highly professional development team the application is 100% working and bugs free.

How to Download & Install Happy Chick Emulator for Android

As far as installation of Happy Chick in concerned you can install it through different ways. Here we have discuss few of them one by one.

Method # 1 – Direct Installation of Happy Chick

First of all you need to download the Happy Chick APK for Android. We have provided the direct downloading link below in order to start to download Happy Chick. Click the download button.

As you are downloading from a website that’s why before installation you must navigate to the settings >> Security >> and then >> Allow unknown Sources.

Note: the application is not available on the Google Play Store that’s why you need to download it from third-party app store or website. But before downloading make sure the files are virus & bugs free.

Now simply tap on .apk file your installation will begin shortly. Once the installation process done successfully, the launching icon will appear on home screen of your Android Smartphone.

Method # 2 – QR Code Scanning

If you navigate to the official website here you will find the QR Code of Happy Chick. You need to scan this QR Code in order to download & install Happy Chick for Android. This is latest & fast method! Instead of typing use the camera & appropriate app to download & install Happy Chick Emulators.

You can also scan the QR Code mentioned below on this website! But before installation you must all “installation from unknown sources”.




Method # 3 – Download from GameSir Manual

If you own the GameSir Gamepad you only need to scan the QR code from the instruction book of the GameSir as mentioned clearly in the image below.

Note – The availability of QR code vary from model to model. You might need to turn some pages in order to find the QR code.

Now, all you need is to scan the QR Code from your Android devices and download & install the application on your Android Devices. Again toggle the “Allow Unknown sources”


In case of any kind of installation issue feel free to contact us. Our team of experts will contact you back and help you to ensure you are enjoying happy chicks without any issues and smoothly. Drop your feedback in comments given below.

Download Happy Chick for PC, Windows 10/8/7 Free

Happy Chick for PC – Do you know that you can enjoy Android applications on your Windows PC? If not then no need to be worried at all. In this comprehensive guide, we going to answer how to run Happy Chick for PC on Windows 10, 8, and 7. But before let’s have a brief introduction of Happy Chick for PC.

Purpose of Happy Chick for PC

Happy chick comprises a number of emulators which lets you enjoy 1000 video games belongs to different consoles. Thanks to the happy Chick now you will be able to enjoy 18 different console games on your PC. Originally this application was developed & designed for Android but later on, it is observed that people love to play games on big screens that why now it is available for PC where you can attach big screens. There is nothing wrong to say that Happy Chick for PC is an ultimate way to download & install thousands of games belongs to multiple platforms on your PCs.

Benefits of using Happy Chick for PC

If you want cross-platform compatibility and want to enjoy the versatile nature of games then the happy chick is the best application for you. While playing PS games on PC you might face a number of issues but I ensure you that you will not face any single issue while playing PS games on your PC with Happy Chick. You can easily overcome all the issues you face. It is 100% working & free emulator which allows the users to download the application from different platforms like Android, iOS, MAME, MAME PLUS, NES, GBA, and much more than that. So, what are you waiting for? Download & Install Happy Chick for PC.

The Happy chick is also available for Android & iOS with the same functionality but the only difference in the size of the screen. On Smartphones tablets you will enjoy tapping functionality but small screen while on PC you will definitely enjoy games on a big screen. So, don’t delay anymore & move your games to the happy chick for PC.

Additional File Information

Here are some of the additional file information which you must check before downloading. You must what you are downloading & also check either the files are virus scanned and bugs free or not? We ensure all the files are bugs free.

Latest version
Language English
No. of  Downloads 13,152,386
Last updated 06.04.2018
Overall Rating 4.5
Application Category Emulator

Features of Happy Chick for PC

Here are some of the amazing and appealing features of happy chick for pc which you will experience once you download & install the application in your pc or laptop. Let’s have a deep insight into this happy chick for PC.

Happy Chick is one of the best emulators which is 100% working and available for free of cost. In this world of technology no need to spend a single penny for entertainment. No need to pay for downloading & installing your favorite games on your PC.

With the help of happy Chick for PC users will be able to download & play all classical & online multiplayer games of Play Station like Mario, contra, GTA, and much more than that.

Happy Chick for PC support both Wi-Fi LAN and LAN sharing to enjoy with your friends and family members at home. You can enjoy enjoying games on a laptop while traveling  with a working internet connection.

Happy Chick for PC support cloud storage. So it is super easy to pick up the game from where you left with the help of saving & sync functionality. Isn’t amazing?

How to Install Happy Chick for PC

Downloading & installation of Happy Chick for PC could be bit tricky that’s why we have mentioned the complete installation guide here. All you need is to follow the instructions one by one. Let’s see!

Step # 1 – First of all, you need to download one of the best Android Emulators. Over the internet there are many emulators but we highly recommend you to download Bluestacks.

Step # 2 – Install the blue stack.

Step # 3 – Now download the Happy Chick APK from the download button provided below.

Step # 4 – Open the .apk file with the help of bluestack& install it properly just like Android installation.

Step # 5 – Once it installed successfully an icon will appear at the home screen of your Emulator. Click to launch the application.

Happy Chick TV Box | How to install Happy Chick on Android TV Box

Happy Chick TV Box – If you want to play multiple games on your Android TV then you are very much at the right place. Nowadays 90% of the TVs are smart TVs work on Android Operating system just like OS in smartphones. Now you can easily download & install Happy Chick TV Box without any hassle and enjoy the best games of old & new era. There is nothing wrong to thanks the Happy Chick Technology.


Technically, Happy Chick is an application consists of more than 18 emulators on their server which allows the users to upload their own games to play and later on to share with online community. Happy chick application support 1000 of games belongs to 18 different platforms.

Officially happy chick initially developed for the Android OS but later on within very short period of time on the demand of happy chick it is now available for iOS, PC, and on TV.

Happy chick is highly versatile in nature, capable to run a number of games which makes it unique and attractive for most of the users. With the happy chick you would be able to enjoy 18 different gaming platforms under a single roof. These platforms are

  1. FAB
  2. MAME
  3. MAME Plus.
  4. FC (NES)
  5. NDS
  6. 8 others

No need to spend a single penny to enjoy the games on your Android TV Box. Just download & install Happy Chick Android TV Box for free from the link we provided below. Your files will start downloading!

Happy Chick TV Box allows you to enjoy the games on big screen just like the happy Chick for PC. People love to play games on big screen instead of playing on small screens like smartphones.

Minimum System Requirements

Here are minimum system requirements of the application which you must meet for successful installation and smooth running of the application. If you meet these requirements download the application else you need to fix the issues by upgrading before downloading Happy Chick TV Box.

Latest version
Language English
No. of  Downloads ——–
Last updated 04-04-2019
Overall Rating 4.8
Application Category Emulator for Android TV Box

Features of Happy Chick TV Box

Let’s explore together the features of happy chick TV box and find out what you will experience upon installation of happy chick TV Box.

  • 100% working.
  • Totally cost free. No need to spend any single buck to enjoy all the features of application.
  • 1000 of games available to play online.
  • Download & play classical, arcade, and online multiplayer games.
  • Best option to refresh your childhood memories.
  • Support cloud storage, save, and sync with any number of devices.
  • LAN Support with local server to play with your friends and family members.
  • Cross platform compatibility.

Download Happy Chick APK TV Box

Finally, you are there to download & install Happy Chick APK TV Box. All you need is to click on the downloading link provided below to start to download Happy Chick TV Box. Share your valuable feedback with us in the form of comments given below.

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