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Download Happy Chick Latest & all other versions from the direct downloading links provided below. Just click and wait for a while your files will start downloading automatically. Enjoy Happy Chick!


Happy chick is much more than a classic console for your Android devices. Whenever you think about games of other gaming platforms things end up to the happy Chick emulator. It is the fine pack of a number of emulators available at the servers of happy chick. All you need is to download the game upload it into the folders and then do some necessary settings that are all.

All in all, it is an astonishing simulator able to run a number of games from different platforms. You have the freedom to do things as you want with Happy Chick Emulator!

With a number of advantages, there are few drawbacks of Happy chick as well as the user interface! Upon successful downloading & installation of the application firstly user interface appears in Chinese language bit awkward but we can handle it. Secondly, it doesn’t come up with any kind of Android games but it has built-in emulators.

While concerning the games in happy chicks most of the players upload their own games. You can as well upload your games in ROMs by simply creating and upload them & later on can share with other members 😊 of happy chick community.

Happy chick apk

Does Happy Chick is Legal?

Technically if I say then Happy Chick is totally legal because they keep their hand away from the illegal tag. They put everything like games, uploading, and everything else at the users’ end. And this is the ultimate way through which they can prove that they are not offering any copyrighted content.

List of Supporting Emulators by Happy Chick

Here comes the list of supporting Happy Chicks Emulators.

  • PC-Engine.
  • PSP
  • Dreamcast
  • Arcade Machines
  • NeoGeo Pocket
  • Nintendo DS.
  • Nintent 64
  • Play Station.
  • Game Boy Advance.
  • Super Nintendo
  • Megadrive
  • NES
  • Wonderswan Color
  • Game Boy Color

Change Language of Happy Chick Emulator from Chinese to English

Once you have downloaded & installed the application you will see some random ads and banners in different languages. You need to change the language into English. All you need to follow the following mentioned steps.

Step # 1 – Navigate to the Manage Tap appearing at the bottom of the app.

Step # 2 – From there go to the settings.

Step # 3 – From the setting, you can easily change the language of the app from Chinese to English.

Features of Happy Chick

Download Happy Chick comprises of a number of amazing features which you will experience once you download & install happy chick on your Android Smartphones.

Integration of Consoles – Within happy chick you can easily find 18+ different consoles through which you can host a number of games which are compatible with different consoles.

Cloud Storage Supportability – All the games of the app are actually hosted on cloud storage! Which means you can easily download & upload heavy files at a good speed

Big Database – Happy Chick is highly capable to accommodate a number of games & their data as well for all users. Data of games like Street Fighter 97, Super Mario, Pokémon, GTA, IGI, and others.

Online Multiplayer – Happy Chick also supports a number of multiplayer games which ensures you can play games with your friends online. All you need is 100% working internet connection.

Single Tap To Play – You can move from one emulator to another emulator with just a tap of a single click. Support more than 18 consoles!

LAN Support – If you know the concept of Local Area Network then you can easily play the games with your in-house friends! Share a local Server via Wi-Fi and enjoy Happy Chick.

Save & Sync – From the cloud servers or local servers, you can easily sync your gaming data and also can store the new data of games because of saving & sync functionality.

Customization of Gamepads – You can easily connect your own gaming controllers. Moreover, you can also create custom gamepads, game maps, and much more than that.

Final Verdicts

Download Happy Chick is one of the best & trending applications which allows you to taste 100 of old and new classic games! So, what are you waiting for! Download Happy Chick Now from the link provided below. Click simply download buttons and your files will start download after some times.

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