Instagram from PC, without an account

Instagram is the world’s most popular application for iPhone and Android to publish photos on the internet, born initially with the function of applying vintage effects to photos taken with the smartphone, then became part of Facebook and vehicle of dissemination of photos for influencers and VIPs.

It’s a photographic Twitter where anyone can post the photo of the moment and look at other people’s photos, all via smartphone.

The photos posted on Instagram are visible if kept public and not private by those who upload them online, by all those who have the application.

The site allows you to look at the photos uploaded to the social network from your account, but not to download them to your computer at their original resolution.

The sites to see Instagram are unofficial and that work without logging in or registering an account, there are many, to look at everyone’s photos via the web and, if you want, even download them to your computer.

The best sites to see Instagram photos on the Internet and without using an iPhone or Android smartphone are:

1) Yooying is a site that allows you to view Instagram photos using the grid style of Pinterest. You can search for photos and videos from all users even without being registered.

2) Inflact is Instagram on the internet replicated almost faithfully. To use Webstagram you have to register with Instagram credentials and then you can scroll through all the photos uploaded from your phone, those of friends, the most clicked and most liked in general. You can use the search to find specific users or images related to a tag or a word. There is also the ranking of the most popular tags, the most followed users, and, every day, the most beautiful photo is shown. For each image, you can enter comments and you can also see what special effect of Instagram has been used to beautify the photo. I want to point out that these sites, although in English, are connected to the entire community of Instagram that counts millions of Italians.

3) Gramho is another search site for photos uploaded from all over the world on Instagram with one more peculiarity, in fact, also allows you to search among user profiles. With this site then, anyone, even without having the application on iPhone or Android can follow the feeds of photos of those who like most, can see the images and can share them on Facebook or Pinterest. From the box at the top, you can do all the searches by tag, popularity, or username.

4) The site Weynstag allows you to download photos and videos from Instagram, without registration. While for photos and videos you have to paste the link taken from the official Instagram site, to download the story anonymously and without an account, you have to go to and paste the username of the Instagram account and not the full URL. Each photo can be opened in its original size (not small) and downloaded by saving it to your PC using the right mouse button. There are also comments, likes, and popular hashtags for each photo. You don’t need an account to access this site.

5) Keep post is a site that allows you to download Instagram photos and videos in their original size by pasting the link. So, you have to first open a photo on the official Instagram site, then copy the link on the address bar, and then paste it into Downloadgram to download the photo on PC.

6) The Kasasa site is the easiest one to use to download photos and videos that are in Instagram Stories. To use it, you have to paste the URL of the account that has posted a story that is still visible and upload it to Kasasa so that you get the download links of all the stories, photos or videos, that are currently posted.

7) Picuki is a site that allows you to use Instagram without an account, do research, check the popularity of posts and profile, then follow the people you want and see all the posts published. The only thing you can’t do is post, comment, and read comments.

8) Igram is a simple site to search and download Instagram photos from any user, without needing to log in with an account If you want to download photos from Instagram on your computer instead you have to use another type of program or application.

1) The open-source program Instagram Downloader is capable of downloading all the photos posted on Instagram, from any user.

2) 4K Stogram is a free program for Linux Windows, Mac, very easy to use as a viewer and downloader of Instagram. You can see all public videos and photos of a user and automatically download them to a local folder. The program also supports downloading private photos and videos by logging in with your Instagram account.

3) DownAlbum is a Chrome browser extension capable of downloading all albums of any Instagram user directly from the site.

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