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This is the world of video streaming where people love to watch the latest and hottest videos on their smartphones. A number of applications is available which are serving for this purpose. Among them one of the most viral and hottest application is Vidmate. Vidmate is a free application which is available to download from multiple platforms. The application is quite versatile in nature because it is beyond the scope of computing platforms. Vidmate is available for Android, PC, iOS, and for many other applications. And in this extensive guide about Vidmate for iPhone we are going to share direct downloading links to download the application on your iPhones and enjoy latest and viral videos from across the world.

Vidmate Application Overview

Vidmate is a video portal which lets the users enjoy the access to the videos of the world from multiple sources. The application is very popular among the smartphone users which actually defines its popularity. The Vidmate application is quite easy to use because of the User-Friendly interface. It is highly safe to use the application to browse the streaming of video.

Whenever you search something over the Vidmate it shows you a list of video links. These are the links of different videos which are actually sources by multiple video engines. You can also download the videos in order to watch later.

Undoubtedly, the application is new but in a very short period of time, the application has more than 50,000 regular users and this number been growing exponentially. The Vidmate can easily accommodate all the formats. Not only this it will also allow you to download the videos from the YouTube, Facebook, and other social engines.

One Tap Results

Vidmate is one of the most precise and focused video portals which shows the result with just one tap. Once you enter the keyword and tap on search the application will display you a number of portals links from where you can download the video. These video portals are

  • Vimeo
  • DailyMotion
  • And many others.

Before the Vidmate for iPhone what actually you do. You browse all of the video portals in order to find the video your required. But now on a single user interface, you can view which video portal is hosting the direct downloading link of your video. It ultimately saves your energy, time, and efforts. In the end, you have to select from where you have to download the Video. No need to download video multiple times and from multiple sources. Download Vidmate for iPhone and enjoy downloading the Vidmate application for your iOS device.

Vidmate Offers Choice of Quality

The Vidmate for iPhone not only support the format but it also offers the choice of quality. You can make selection before quality. Quality of video matters a lot but if you go higher in quality it will occupy more space in your device. You can go for the music, TV series, Dramas, movies, and much more videos are also available to download.

Option to add Secondary Video Portal

The Vidmate for iPhone is full of options. You can add a secondary video portal to download your favorite video by using the Vidmate Interface. That’s why when you search any video it will ask you to add a secondary video portal which you trust. And when this video will available on the Vidmate you will be able to download it.

Applications Vidmate Support

Once you install the Vidmate you will be able to download iPhone, Android, and other Apps and games directly in your smartphone. But the only downside of this application is that it doesn’t provide the updates. But that’s not the matter anymore you can update it with the patch notes. Download Vidmate for iPhone.

Features of Vidmate App

There are a lot of amazing and astonishing features of the Vidmate foe iPhone. The application is amusing the users with the latest and hottest entertainment content for long. Let’s have a close look at the features offered by the Vidmate application.

  • The Vidmate is one of the best video download portals for all platforms.
  • Allow the user to search the best video from multiple sources. Serve with the links of the videos from YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo, and many other video search engines.
  • It offers the user to download the videos in parallel which ultimately increase the downloading speed of the video.
  • It features the pause, resume, and break functionality to download videos from the websites.
  • You can delete the videos and redownload it if you need it in future.
  • Allow the user to download the large files even more than 2 GB.
  • The application also supports multiple formats like
    • MP4
    • FIV
    • MOV
    • AVI
    • WMV
    • 3GP
    • MPEG
    • Many others.
  • You can download multiple files at one time.
  • The process of downloading video will run at the background.
  • The application is highly capable to detect the link off and also start downloading when the server is up.
  • Automatically detects the memory available and list down all the videos which you left download due to low memory space.
  • More than 50,000 HD videos, songs, movies, and much more available to enjoy.
  • The application is well globalizing. It also supports many languages.
  • It ensures you the best video streaming with no buffering or lagging.
  • You can record the videos of an event and later on can download it.
  • The application is super easy to use due to user friendly interface.
  • The database is up to date and serve the users with best videos from across the globe.

All of the above mentioned are the features of the Vidmate application. You will experience all of these features regardless of computing platform you use. The application is available on Android, iOS, PC, and other devices. So, what are you waiting for? Download Vidmate for iPhone now and enjoy the best media services on your iPhone! And enjoy the best video downloading portal for free.

Vidmate the Ultimate Video Portal

Vidmate is an ultimate video portal which allows the unlimited Hollywood, Bollywood, and Kollywood entertainment content. Actually, not only this it also consists of content from other film industries. Above all, you don’t need to pay s single penny in order to enjoy all of these videos. Moreover, on the Vidmate you can also watch the live TV Channels. It consists of more than 200 TV channels so you can select the channel you want to watch.

The application is not only about videos you can also download the songs and even full albums of the artists for free so that you can enjoy later. The downloading speed of the application is always under the mouth of the big boss. All of the video’s downloader are trying their best to come close to the Vidmate. All in all, the Vidmate for iPhone is just like a cherry on the cake for the iPhone users.

The user interface of the application is quite simple and easy. You can easily browse and navigate through multiple options of the applications without any hassles. Never waste a single moment now, just rush to the Vidmate for iPhone and install it on your iOS device.

Vidmate for iOS Download

The Vidmate application is very versatile. The need of application raised among the users of multiple platforms like Android, iOS, PC, Blackberry, and many other. It leads to the popularity of application within a very short period of time.  But here today we will talk about the iOS version of the Vidmate. Many of the smartphone users are iOS users in the form of iPhone, iPad, and other iOS devices. The authorities have launched the Vidmate for iOS devices so that the users can easily enjoy the latest and hottest movies, songs, video, TV channels, and much more.

Vidmate for iOS is an ultimate application with unlimited uses. If you spend most of your time on the road then you must need a partner and this is none other than Vidmate. You can enjoy the videos from YouTube, Daily Motion, Vimeo, Instagram, MetaCafe, SoundCloud, and many others. You can watch the live streaming of TV Channels while on road. There is nothing wrong to say Vidmate for iOS is your ultimate companion of Entertainment.

Vidmate for iPhone Download

Vidmate for iPhone is the free application which you can download from the downloading link provided below. The application has a huge collection of High Definition songs, music, movies, and TV Channels. All of the entertainment content in Vidmate for iPhone is hosted from other video search engines. The application is extremely easy to use and safe. All the links provided as a result of the user query is carefully analyzed by the application in order to make sure that use get the quality data rather than spamming data.

The Vidmate for iPhone has a big number of downloads within a very short period of time. Just for the iPhone, it has more than 35000 users and the users been increasing on daily basis. Vidmate for iPhone also supports downloads which means you can save videos and can watch later. It supports all the formats and also multiple qualities of vides. Before downloading you can select quality. All in all, Vidmate for iPhone is one of the legendary applications among the millions of iOS applications.

Vidmate for iPhone X Download

iPhone X is the latest production of the Apple. And the good news is the Vidmate is compatible to work on iPhone X. You can download Vidmate for iPhone X and enjoy the latest and updated videos hosted by multiple video search engine. The latest and updated version of the Vidmate for iPhone X has quite similar features as compared to the previous version but with better usability. It is really worthy to have the best Video portal application in the palm of your hand. Read out the full article in order to explore how to download Vidmate for iPhone X and how to install properly on your new version of iPhone.

Install Vidmate in iPhone

Here comes the most important part of the whole website. Downloading the Vidmate for iPhone is no more issue now. But the installation of the Vidmate could create a trouble for you if you are new to iPhone otherwise it is just like a piece of cake. Here is the proper step by step guide about how to download Vidmate in iPhone and how to install it. You just have to go through the extensive guide. Read the full article to explore how to install Vidmate in iPhone, iPad, other apple devices.

Download Vidmate for the Apple

The Vidmate is a free video streaming application which you can download for any Apple device from the link provided on this website. Unfortunately, the Vidmate is removed from the iTunes due to some unknown reasons that is why the apple users have to download it from the trusted third-party application. No matter which Apple device you have you can still enjoy the Vidmate because we are hosted the Vidmate for apple on our platform.  The direct downloading link of the Vidmate for Apple is available. Read out the full article to explore what apple devices can over Vidmate for Apple cover.


To sum up all, the Vidmate is a legendary application which is available to download for multiple platforms like iOS devices iPhone, iPad, Mac, and others. We are dealing with the direct downloading link of the Vidmate for iOS, iPhone, iPhone X, and rest of all other Apple devices. Share your valuable feedback with us in the form of comments. In case of any support, you need to feel free to contact us. Our team of expert will contact you as soon as possible. Download Vidmate for iPhone and enjoy latest and viral videos for free.

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